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The business operates within its field for from early 1982,initiated and enlarged by two partners, Mr. Shmuel Belzitsky and Mr. Arthur Hircshfeld. Both partners had the vision to acknowledge the huge potential of electronic ,telecommunication scrap, both systems and components, as row material for the recycling Industry.


The company, in its present shape, was established in 1989 as a private Limited Company and since then has a major roll in recycling Precious and Non-Ferrous Metals. Zohar S.B.A. Ltd is designated by several National Telecom Companies as well as many Hi-Tech companies as their companion to deal
with their surplus and unusable materials.


Since mid-nineties, the Company has sharply changed its purchasing and dismantling activities from mainly local before that time to mainly international at the present and become very active in the Stainless
and High Ni metals worldwide. This change includes the establishment of companies and working sites abroad.


Within the last few years, Zohar gained three National Tenders in three different countries for the dismantling the old telephons exchange :Romania,Jordan,Cyprus. In addition, the Company operates in other territories like:
Turkey, Croatia, Algier ,South Arabia and more on occasional but stable base.


The company is unique by providing comprehensive solution through the whole process from the dismantling down to the extraction of the Precious Metals itself to high-grade material. 

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Line of non-Ferrous metal recycling including the



  • The company's prominent added value realized at the line of non-Ferrous metal   recycling including the process of Precious Metals extraction by an integral capability within it.
  • This is followed by worldwide trade of non-Ferrous and Ferrous.
  • Dismantling of Industrial sites for metal scrap.














Zohar operates in Israel at two collection and working sites for Metal scrap and telecommunication scrap,
using unique self-experience recycling methods and laboratories.

The company also operates permanent or temporary dismantling sites in Central Europe and Jordan.

The company is capable of doing its business directly or through foreign companies adapting the wish
of its partners or sources.


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Environmental (From the Davos Convention Dec 2002)


Landfilling comes to an end Problems of collection and recycling of end-of-life electrical and electronic devices rank among the most pressing environmental topics of modern times. Currently, each year around seven million tones of electrical waste is generated in the European Union and about the same in the U.S.
These volumes are rapidly growing by hundreds of thousands of tones per annum. Even though electronic scrap contains a wealth of valuable recyclable materials (gold, silver, silicium, copper, etc) until today there has been a remarkable lack of related collection and recycling schemes when compared to other areas such as packaging, cars and batteries. Currently, about 90% of all electrical waste in the industrialised world is still being landfilled, incinerated or recovered without any pre-treatment, resulting in a huge loss of valuable resources.


EU agreement on WEEE and RoHS Directives In Europe, this is about to be changed.
In October 2002, the European Commission presented the final drafts of the Directive on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive) and the Directive on the Restriction on the Use of  Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive). The WEEE Directive introduces the individual producer responsibility in the industry - producers, importers and dealers of electrical and electronic equipment will have to foot the bill for dismantling and recycling of their end-of-life products. Other statements in the WEEE directive are that EU Member States will take care to ensure that no waste electrical and electronic equipment enters the municipal waste stream, that an average of four kilos per head must be
collected by the end of 2006. Furthermore, consumers must be able to return waste equipment free of charge, and that companies will have to meet recycling targets of between 50% and 70% of product weight depending on appliance type.
According to the RoHS Directive, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and the brominated flame retardants PBDE and PBB will be banned in manufacture from 2006.

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 Zohar S.B.A


As governmental regulations become more stringent with regards to landfills, companies are now being forced to find alternative methods for disposal of their end-of-life high-tech goods. To acknowledge our outstanding adherence and innovative approach with regard to waste reduction, recycling and end-of-life
management for the high-tech industry, Zohar S.B.A diverting approximately 500 tons of material from landfill every month. Currently, due to increased capacity and a constantly growing list of satisfied customers, we are diverting more and more tons of material each and every month from landfills.




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  • At Zohar S.B.A, less than 2% of material processed goes directly into landfill. 
  •  At Zohar S.B.A, we dispose of all material through environmentally sound  methods. These methods are confirmed and controlled by the Enviromental autorities.
  • This means that our customers are relieved of any worries regarding toxic or hazardous waste cleanup. 
  • In our facility, not only protects the environment, but our community and our employees.  We have the most stringent controls and processes in our industry. 


















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Yours sincerely

Shmuelz Belzitsky
General Director


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