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Electronic Scrap



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At our facilities we process, for the purpose of recycling, all electronic
materials that are not considered hazardous waste.
This includes final products, capital equipment, out of operation products, product returns, manufacturing rejects, integrated circuits from  printed circuit boards, computer peripherals, software, cables, all ferrous and non-ferrous metals bearing scrap, precious metals bearing scrap, plastic etc'.

In the field of resale, we process a veriaty of system and components for reuse:

Excess inventories consisting of integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, suitable IC's for reuse, inductors, connectors, and computer peripherals
just to name a few.



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The recycling process


The first phase in the process is disassembling of the product or the system,
with the various materials contained in the unit (plastic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cabling, etc.)

Then distributed into the proper recycling and waste streams within the facility.

The printed circuit boards carefully sorted and Hazardous component
removed Afterwards, the printed circuits boards transferred to scrap for
precious metal refining.


At this stage the material needs to go through a process of destruction and recycling for the purpose
of size reduction, non-recognition and smelting. It cannot go directly into a waste stream, or be
reintroduced into the market as a usable commodity for the following obvious reasons.

Manufacturers do not want lower revision product competing with their top-of-the-line product in an
open market, nor do they want inferior product circulating on the open marketplace
a hard earned reputation within their respected industries. They also do not want to participate in
a superfund clean up of a contaminated landfill at any time in the future, due to the improper
disposal of their finished goods.



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Most materials are fed into the shredding machine and become unrecognizable pieces ranging in size.
From there, the shredded material directed directly to ferrous / non-ferrous metals separator
All nonmagnetic material such as aluminum, copper, rubber, plastic and fiberglass are also separated
and directed into their proper recycling or waste streams.



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Precious Metal Refining


High-tech products are manufactured with content of precious metals as base-materials in order
to ensure connectivity. As a result, Printed circuit boards tend to contain substantial amounts of gold,
silver, platinum, palladium, nickel and copper .

We provide the refining services to these sort of materials for the extraction of these and other
For more information regarding our precious metal refining services please contact us.


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Complex mterial


Recycling the weee scrap in a proper way. scrap coming from: Electronic parts, P.c.B, Computer's, industry residues & rejected.
End life electronicproduct Zohar is one of the only licence company controled by the invrometal outority recognize in the Eu taking elctronic and hazarouds material seriousand receyclylin under the EU standart's.

In Zohar facturies we recover and rifiner the P.M from electronic and dentyslike: Gold, Ag, Pd, Pt .

  Complex mterial - [IMG]
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